Buying a Home with little down.

FHA loans are still the best solution to getting into a home with little down.

With loans in the Bay Area up to $650,000 thousand dollars and only 3.5% down one can still get into a home with a little over $20,000 out of pocket. (max loan of $650,000, much less if smaller loan)

Sellers can pay all closing costs to help keep costs low and one does not even need a termite clearance if all parties agree not to get one.

Many agents are reluctant to buyers to obtain an FHA loan fearing it might take to long. This not the case as any direct lender doing FHA loans can close them as fast as they do a conventional loan.

Having done FHA loans for many years I still find them to be one of the best loan programs available for buyers who do not have large down payments and the program is not just for first time buyers.

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