Where will home values go in the Future?

It appears to me that as i read articles describing the lack of building that as long as people keep coming to California to live, the price of homes can only go up due to future supply and demand.
i am posting a recent article to support this growing trend of ideas.
“Disheartening to the markets was the news released early last week that housing starts and permits were down. Just when we needed the housing market to take another step forward. Understandably, new homes are finding it hard to compete with all the great prices of existing listings out there. How could this be good news? When new home construction slows it certainly hurts overall economic growth. However, construction of fewer new homes makes room to get rid of excess inventory caused by foreclosures. In other words, fewer new homes built represents good news as long as existing home sales continue to increase in strength. The trend is up for existing home sales which have unevenly increased in six out of the last nine months.” quoted in OriginationPro May 24th news letter
Now appears the time that investors have been looking for ..

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