The Housing market… today…tomorrow..

We keep saying this and it bears repeating. Real estate led us into recession and it must lead us into recovery. There are many factors that can help “soak” up shadow inventory. The weak dollar is increasing demand from foreign investors. The tax credit is bringing more first time buyers into the market and now move-up buyers as well. Low rates are keeping homes affordable, especially when compared to renting in many markets. Government efforts at modifications are also expected to keep many in their homes. Even builders are helping by bringing less homes to the market. Not one of these is by itself enough to absorb several million homes. But if we put all these factors together, it very well may happen as the John Burns Real Estate Consulting Company indicates. Keep in mind that all the while the population of this Nation is rising. This means that sometime in the future, there will be growth in the real estate market and our economy. In the meantime, we will navigate the long and winding road.
Taken from the Hershman news letter dealing with future values in Real Estate.